Missing a manual?

Today I had to install the fuel injector and I could not find any information in the RV14 manual or in any other documentation that I have, on what hardware to use and what torque and so on.

After much searching on Lycomings web site and on google in general, I think I have found the correct information in Section 73-10 in a IO-390-C Series Engine Maintenance Manual. The thing is, I have a IO-390-EXP60 engine but I have not been able to find the same manual for my version. But they use the same Avstar Injector kit so it should not matter. I have the larger nuts so I will end with "final maximum torque of 204 in.-lb. (23 Nm).".

Starting to think that I have misplaced some engine manual or instruction on were to fins an online manual...

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