Out in the open

Many small tasks done yesterday. I have realized for e few days now that I will not be ably to remove the canopy while the aircraft is in the shop, I need the canopy of for all the instrument panel work, getting the aircraft out when the engine is delivered might be impossible until it is on the ac.

So this morning I made as much room as possible, there are about 2 inches / 5 cm missing to be ably to just roll it out straight. I had to place it sideways and then draw it to the side. This was easy now but it might not be when the engine is on so I will buy some dollies I think they are called later today.

My amazing wife helped me with getting the AC out, removing the canopy and then putting it back in. My two sons supervised us, one from inside the house and one from within the garage.

I now feel ready for engine delivery.


  1. Hej!
    Mycket bra och intressant blogg!
    Jag funderar själv på att börja ett liknande bygge och har några frågor som gäller
    själva uppstarten, kontrollant, granskare mm.
    Är det möjligt att maila dig?


  2. Hej och tack,

    Naturligtvis: magnussandqvist@hotmail.com
    Första rekommendationen är att om du har möjlighet så delta på EAAs årsmöte nu på lördag den 10e mars! www.eaa.se